24 x 9kg LPG Storage Cage

Part No: EW-GC9
LPG storage cages like our Gas Cylinder Cages are used to extend the life of your propane tanks and protect them from being dropped or hit, preventing disastrous workplace accidents. LPG Gas Cylinder Cages are a key element of proper propane storage. NS-GC9 for 24 x 9kg LPG Storage cages are perfect for the service station or retail shop wanting to safely store 9kg gas bottles.
$2,190.00 excl tax

Gas Cylinder Storage Cage 12 x Forklift Cylinders

Part No: EW-GCF12
The NS-GCF12 Gas Cylinder Storage Cage is a heavy duty lockable cage ideally suited for storage of 12 x forklift gas bottles but can be used for many other applications where easy access and excellent security is a requirement.
$2,190.00 excl tax

Mesh Storage Cage

Part No: EW-SH2
The NS-SH2 mesh storage cage with over 2m3 of useable space is designed to suit a range of warehouse and storage uses.
$2,320.00 excl tax

Storage Cage 116cm x 198.5cm x 58cm

Part No: EW-SH3
This great zinc storage cage with 3 removable shelves is 116cm x 198.5cm x 58cm and is supplied flatpacked
$1,910.00 excl tax