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300kg Scissor Lift Trolley High Lift - Stock Sydney

Part No: EW-ST30
The objective of Scissor Lift Trolley is to access difficult-to-reach areas in order to perform whatever work is required. Scissor lifts provide a mobile means of reaching areas that are very high. High Lift scissor lift trolley 1220mm lift height and 300kg capacity
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Scissor Lift Trolley 150kg (Brisbane)

Part No: EW-ST15
Scissor lift trolley 150kg with up to 750mm lift trolley height with wheel locks
$420.00 excl tax

Scissor Lift Trolley 500kg (Brisbane)

Part No: EW-ST50
Scissor Lift Trolley Overload valve ensures load limit is not exceeded.Stock available for immediate delivery or pickup Brisbane.
$640.00 excl tax