Dual Drum Racking (6 Drums)

Part No: EW-RS3-3L

NS-RS3-3L can safely store up to 6 drums on two shelves (3 each) with spill containment below
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The type RS3-3L Dual Drum Rack Storage unit has been designed to rack up to three drums on each of two racks 740 & 1540mm above floor level. The Drum Rack Storage unit comprises of a stand alone drum rack and a spill containment tray to provide a safer working area by protecting against chemical spills. In the advent of a spill, the tray may be removed without disturbing the rack, and emptied by removing the drain plug provided.

The Unit Weight of the type RS3-3L Dual Drum Rack Storage unit (including the tray - type SP6 Spill Bin) is 130kg. All Drum Racking systems come in a long life Zinc plated finish.

Products specifications
Drum Capacity 2 x 3 (6)
Height (mm) 2100
Length (mm) 1930
Width (mm) 1210
Available Options 1210
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