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Aluminium Platform Truck Trolley

Part No: NS-T1000A
Ideally suited for hot, wet applications. Lightweight,corrosion-resistant,aluminium platform trucks have a clean appearance and are built for heavy-duty use. Ideal use in the front office, stock room,warehouse,dock area,or laboratory. Unitized box frame is made of high strength fully welded aluminum channel with heavy duty deck.
$530.00 excl tax

Electric High Lift Scissor Trolley

Part No: NS-TPT680
The TPT680 ELECTRIC/HYDRAULIC HIGH LIFT SCISSOR PALLET TROLLEY is a quality built trolley allowing the operator to raise or lower a load to the correct working height at the press of a button, or can be manually operated if desired. Fitted with safety features such as mechanical floor locks which engage when load is lifted, preventing the trolley from being moved.
$1,980.00 excl tax

High Lift Pallet Jack 800mm Height 540mm Width

Part No: NS-HLTN10-540
High lift pallet jack / skid lifter with maximum 800mm lift height and 1000kg capacity
$1,099.00 excl tax $953.00 excl tax

High Lift Pallet Jack 800mm Height 680mm Width

Part No: NS-HLTN10-680
High lift pallet jack / skid lifter with maximum 800mm lift height and 1000kg capacity
$1,099.00 excl tax $953.00 excl tax

Multi Purpose Truck Loading Ramps for Track or Pneumatic Tyres

Part No: NS-3033T
This series of truck loading ramps is perfect when using a combination of steel tracks, rubber tracks, steel tracks with rubber pads and also vehicles with rubber tyres. Range up to 4 metre lengths and 11,500 kg capacity.
$1,398.00 excl tax

Powered Hand Truck 140kg SWL

Part No: NS-PHT
Powered hand truck as seen on Facebook. Australian made and Australian Design. 140kg SWL. In stock for immediate delivery.
$4,200.00 excl tax

Truck Loading Ramps for Multi Terrain Loader

Part No: NS-3033PT
Perferct for Multi Terrain Loaders with either rubber tracks or pneumatic tyres. Extra width for easy of loading and unloading.
$1,487.00 excl tax

Truck Loading Ramps Heavy Duty Pneumatic Range

Part No: NS-1524R
Standard range includes lengths to 4 metres and 6000kg capacity. Other lengths and capacities on request.
$889.00 excl tax

Truck Ramp 8 Tonne

Part No: NS-TRUCK-8
8 tonne truck ramp is perfect for getting your forklift from ground level into the back of the truck for loading and unloading
$17,500.00 excl tax $12,750.00 excl tax

Truck Ramps 20000kg Maintenance Ramps

Part No: NS-MTR20
The NS-MTR20 FORKLIFT AND TRUCK RAMP SET is designed for maintenance and servicing work on forklifts and trucks allowing easy and safe access to the undercarriage of vehicles.
$1,300.00 excl tax

Truck Ramps One Sydney One Melbourne

Part No: NS-Truck Ramps
NS-Truck Ramps
$8,500.00 excl tax

Used Forklift Truck Ramp Sydney 8000kg

Part No: NS-Used
Used forklift truck ramp located in Sydney.
$8,500.00 excl tax