Products tagged with '500kg'

500kg Scissor Lift Table - Stock Sydney

Part No: NS-ST50
500kg scissor lift table with 780mm lift height and table 520mm x 820mm. Stock Sydney.
$590.00 excl tax $575.00 excl tax

Compact Electric Towing Tug 500kg

Part No: NS-Tug Compact
The Electrodrive tug Compact is a very helpful device for the industrial or commercial use,
$8,499.00 excl tax $7,900.00 excl tax

Electric Chain Hoists 500kg

Part No: NS-ECH50
National Sales 0.50 tonne Electric Chain Hoist represents both quality and exceptional value. Stock on the ground for immediate despatch.
$1,905.00 excl tax

Electric Double Scissor Lift Table 500kg

Part No: NS-ST-E500D
Electric scissor lift table 500kg and 1618mm lift height. Table 520 x 1010mm
$3,290.00 excl tax $2,890.00 excl tax